2-5-1-S1E2-Sonny Clark as Sideman

April 17, 2020 Simon Whiteside and Nicholas Tomalin Season 1 Episode 2
2-5-1-S1E2-Sonny Clark as Sideman
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In this episode Nick Tomalin and Simon Whiteside discuss the music Sonny Clark recorded with Buddy de Franco, Grant Green and Dexter Gordon. Even after re-recording the Buddy De Franco section to half it's length, the original podcast plan to also include Sonny Criss and Hank Mobley meant it ran to 1.5 hours. So we decided to drop those two sections.
If you would like to hear that long version it will be publicly available on our Patreon page later. If enough people register their interest through comments on the podcast outlets we can upload it to all the usual suspects later.


Buddy de Franco
Grant Green
Dexter Gordon
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