2-5m-1-07-Who was Des Luton?

April 01, 2021 Simon Whiteside and Nicholas Tomalin Season 1 Episode 7
2-5m-1-07-Who was Des Luton?
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In this episode Nick and Simon discuss the obscure British pianist Des Luton [1924-1987?]. Known for an incredible left-hand technique, Des has since fallen into obscurity.  Nick and Simon have managed to get hold of possibly the only recording of the mercurial piano player via a 78 RPM recording made as a demo and unreleased commercially; so for once we can play it!

(Please note, this episode of our podcast was an April Fools Day special and sadly Des 'Left Hand' Luton never actually existed!)

Des Luton Plays
Nick Comments
Des Luton Biographical information
The Feldman Connection
Klooks Kleek and DECCA
Left Hand Luton's Demise
Wrap Up